Community Science Night 2 – May 2018
The first Community Science Night was such a hit that Roses in Concrete hosted another science night! This time, involving hip-hop culture.


Zendaya and Help a Community School Bloom – March 2018
In the school’s first year, provided $750,000 to help launch Roses in Concrete’s unique vision. At Google’s San Francisco community space, teachers, students, artists, education advocates, Googlers and Oakland-native actress Zendaya celebrated the announcement of an additional $650,000 grant to help the school build a first-of-its-kind computer science (CS) curriculum, which will serve as a model for other schools across the U.S. The curriculum will be culturally and community relevant, building on Duncan-Andrade’s philosophy that education shouldn’t push students out of communities, but should instead help students transform them.


Community Science Night 1 – January 2018
Roses in Concrete hosts their first ever Community Science Night.


Day In A Life – April 2017
Growing roses at Roses in Concrete. Follow Brandon, Daniela, and Sariah as they tell you what Roses in Concrete means to them.


Disruptive Hope – April 2017
Karega Bailey, Student Mentor at Roses in Concrete, motivates his students by offering powerful and encouraging words. To grow a rose in concrete, we must cultivate a seed of hope.


A Day with Elijah – October 2016
Growing roses at Roses in Concrete. Follow Elijah as he tells you what Roses in Concrete means to him .


Teach For All’s RIC Student Interviews – June 2016
Listen to our incredible students, ready to revolutionize their own education and the education of the future! Students at Roses are equipped with the fighting desire to spread truth about their own cultures, experiences, and communities and to learn from each other. They are dedicated to peace, love, unity, and justice for all. Together they are unstoppable!


Leadership Summit 2016 Dr. Jeffrey Duncan-Andrade – June 2016
This video shows Jeff Duncan-Andrade’s speech at the 2016 Leadership Summit. Here, he provides a comprehensive explanation about the difference between “equality” and “equity”, making it clear why we all must strive to achieve an equitable education model on which we’re currently falling short. Equity, he says, is giving all kids what they need when they need it. He points to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs as a theory that should be an essential truth in pedagogy.


“The Peace Treaty” by Roses in Concrete Community School’s 4th grade – February 2016
Watch last year’s Roses in Concrete fourth graders in their music video for their original song “Peace Treaty”! This class partnered with Hip Hop Saves Lives and Chad Harper to learn about the history of hip hop and test their own skills and creativity.


Art Life Garibaldi – June 2016
Watch as David Garibaldi, member of Art Life, visits and performs at Roses in Concrete. He is truly inspired by the school, as the students, too, are clearly inspired by and excited to participate in his creative, artful performance.


Roses in Concrete – June 2015
Learn more about the new community lab school, Roses in Concrete.


Askwith Forum: Transforming Teaching – May 2015
Randi Weingarten, Jeff Duncan-Andrade, and Anthony Bryk join Associate Professor Jal Mehta for a discussion at the Askwith Forum on May 11, 2015. “Imagine a world in which every child has a great teacher, where strong graduates choose teaching careers, and where knowledge about good teaching is readily available and accessible. In this Askwith Forum, our panel explores ways to transform the teaching profession into one that is committed to building practitioners’ skills over time. Join us as we examine what it would take to develop the systems, the institutions, and the teachers we need to achieve educational equity and prepare all students for the challenges of the future.” – Harvard Graduate School of Education


Jefferson Awards Winner Jeff Duncan Andrade – April 2015
“The Jefferson Awards is the country’s longest standing and most prestigious organization dedicated to activating and celebrating public service. Through their programs, they train and empower individuals to serve and lead in their communities, amplifying their impact through our vast network of media partners, mentors and volunteers. Each year, they honor the most outstanding achievements in public service at the Jefferson Awards National Ceremonies.” Watch coverage of this incredible honor, awarded to Roses founded Jeff Duncan-Andrade.


July 2013
Jeff Duncan-Andrade’s Step to College program is featured on CBS-5.


The David Portfolio —Jeff Andrade Duncan on Education, – March 2012
Jeff Duncan-Andrade leads a student profile on David Philoxene, a former student of his who is also featured in the Roses in Concrete trailer video.


TEDxGoldenGateED – Jeff Duncan-Andrade – Growing Roses in Concrete – September 2011
Jeff Duncan-Andrade’s TED Talk pulls from experience and elaborates on the concept of the rose grown from concrete, an image that he applies to youth and community growth.


June 2011
Roses in Concrete is featured on CBS-5.


Laurence Tan – TEACH – February 2011
Laurence Tan is Roses’ whole-heartedly dedicated fourth and fifth-grade teacher. Watch this video for insight on Tan’s previous teaching experience in the Watts area of Los Angeles. At 122nd Street and Roses in Concrete alike, Laurence Tan empowers each and every one of his students, helping them to realize their own potential to be agents of change for themselves, their communities, and the world.