August 10, 2016 ricadmin

Student-teacher bond integral to professor’s proposed school

Read about what fueled and inspired Roses in Concrete founder, Jeff Duncan-Andrade, to turn his visions of a just, thoughtful educational environment into a reality. Jeff believes in an individualized approach to education – a recognition of each student as their own person with their own needs that must be considered, their own abilities that can be utilized, their own voice that needs to be heard – which he plans to teach to the educators at the Roses in Concrete Community School. Jeff believes in the wraparound approach in education, which will be practiced at Roses because no child can learn in a classroom if they’re hungry, unsafe, or unhappy with themselves. Under the community school approach and Jeff’s vision, the school must take the needs of the community into consideration when mapping out its pedagogical methods.

Roses in Concrete will be a research ground for finding out how to grow great teachers. Through such learning, it, too, will hopefully be a breeding ground for future teachers with the ability to transform the public school system in Oakland and beyond. Read the full article for more details about Duncan-Andrade and the ongoing plans for Roses in Concrete.

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