Serving California’s public charter schools by providing startup and initial operating capital to assist schools in establishing high quality, high performing charter school operations for California students and their families. Also provides grants to charter schools to disseminate best practices likely to significantly improve academic achievement in California’s K-12 public education system. 



Inspired by a keynote speech that Jeff Duncan-Andrade gave in 2007, Michael and Tonia Hsieh approached him afterwards to ask how they could help. Jeff responded that he wanted to build a school in East Oakland that would match the best private schools in the country. For the past eight years the Hsiehs have assisted in offering access to key relationships, providing strategic advice and contributing financial resources to help make this dream a reality.



The Boards of Kia Aroha College and Roses in Concrete Community School have agreed to the two schools becoming “Ukukura” an indigenous Māori term for schools that are allies, who work in solidarity for a common cause. Kia Aroha College is a Year 7 to 13 (Grades 6-12) public secondary school in New Zealand. In the New Zealand education system every school is autonomous and some schools choose a designated character which sets out their difference from regular schools. Kia Aroha College’s special character is a bilingual, critical, culturally responsive learning approach centred on students’ identities “as Māori”, or as who they are first.  Kia Aroha means through aroha – authentic deep caring.  The school’s goal is to develop “Warrior-Scholars” young people who have high academic achievement, a secure cultural identity, and understand their rights and responsibilities to act as agents of change for their people, in their communities and in our society.



The Foundation primarily intends to be a catalyst for well-chosen projects that would not be successful without its creative or financial support. Within the breadth of interests and important outcomes enabled by our founders, you’ll find the arts, investigative reporting, community organizing and programs to promote social justice. We also support developmental education initiatives and outstanding scholarship in several fields.



Reinventing K-12 education so that all young people can graduate high school prepared and inspired to achieve their most ambitious dreams and plans. Investing to support education entrepreneurs who are transforming public education. NewSchools has helped to change the landscape of public education in the last 15 years, but there is so much more to be done, and this is the time to do it.



The Teaching Excellence Network (TEN) is dedicated to improving the educational outcomes of students in urban school districts.  TEN develops web/mobile applications for schools and teachers to obtain direct feedback from families, students, peer teachers and administrators.  TEN also provides analytics and solutions for school administrators and educators to get access to best-practice trainers/coaches, resources and peer mentors in the field.



American Reading company is a diverse, mission-driven, woman-owned business based in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. We practice the same continuous improvement model that we teach schools. ARC delivers what it promises, on time, and beyond our clients’ expectations.
We are a triple bottom line company: People, Planet, Profit.