August 10, 2016 ricadmin

Oakland school will train teachers to nurture ‘roses in concrete’

“Duncan-Andrade’s passion for improving the lives of his students and frustration with the public education system have compelled him to embark on a new project: establishing the Roses in Concrete Community School, where educators will be trained to engage with each student as an individual.” The school will address broken infrastructure that leads to misallocation of resources that leave urban public schools suffering. There will be a focus, too, on pedagogical methods; RiC will be an opportunity to do research on the best teaching practices by witnessing them act in the classroom. Unlike other charter schools, Roses will be specifically educating underserved kids from the vulnerable community of East Oakland. Students will not be turned away for any previous lack of performance in a school system that does not acknowledge or address their history and environment. The school and everyone involved emphasize community and family above all else.

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