Donations $10,000+

Keep our World Music Program running:

Campus Wellness Center for staff and community:

Stock our library with culturally relevant books:

Send our Spanish Teachers to the Cosecha Conference:

Fund our transformative justice professional development for teachers and staff:

Special ASP classes for K-1: Capoeira, jump rope, soccer

Spanish language classes for community families:

STEM professional development: send teachers to conferences, bring in experts as we grow our STEM curriculum

Field Trips: fund three annual field trips per grade

Conference and PD funds for all teachers: approximately $2,000 per teacher to attend a conference or professional development of their choosing (as dictated by their growth plans); would cover travel and registration.

STEM Robotics Materials for classes and Robotics club: help Roses train to compete in future STEM competitions!

Science Materials: supplemental materials for experiments and hands on curriculum. Science-related field trips and opportunities:

Tutoring and Enrichment: to create language academies, reading clubs, math clubs, STEM clubs that could be offered in the morning or after school to help focus on students’ needs:

Dual immersion/instructional coach:

Facilities: remediation and expansion
$100,000 +

Dean of Transformative Justice:

The Harriet Tubman Endowed Staff Position:
$125,000 annually for salary and full benefits

Community Garden Instructional Staff and Maintenance:

After School Program:

Computers for students:

Summer Spanish Program:

Campus Community Library:


Every bit helps!

To learn more, call or email us:

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