Production begins on “Roses in Concrete”

Award-winning filmmaker Eric Byler is directing the web-based documentary series “Roses in Concrete,” about the ground-breaking success of the Step to College program in Oakland, California.  Byler is collaborating on the project with college students or recent college graduates who are former students of renowned educator Jeff Andrade-Duncan as members of his production and post-production team.  “Our aim is to empower students and former students from Step to College to tell their own stories,” Byler said, “and to demonstrate how the act of story-telling in itself can lead to positive social change.”

Interview subjects include current students, former students, and parents of students and former students.  Filming began on Feb. 10, 2011 and will resume in March.  The first video in the series will be released in early April.  Byler is best known for the films Charlotte Sometimes and 9500 Liberty.

The long-term objective of the project is explore why the Step to College program has been so effective, and encourage community builders to consider innovative approaches to education in America’s inner cities, and in Oakland, California in particular.

As the documentary is being filmed, a series of video clips will be posted on this website.  Please email us at to us to join our our email list in the Contact section and we will alert you to watch the documentary being made in real time.

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